Sensitive ® - Bye bites - Repelente de insectos

We know that there are more delicate types of skin; this is why thanks to its protective layer Bye bites sensitive is the most recommended product to take care of the little ones from mosquito bites transmitter of diseases. Thanks to its size it is easy to carry in your bag or diaper bag.

• Active IR3535 to 7%
• Provides 4 hours protection
• Protects and moisturizes skin
• Fresh scent

Use during pregnancy - Bye Bites

Use during pregnancy

Thanks to all of the natural ingredients, Bye bites is ideal to be used during pregnancy.

Recommended use - Bye Bites

Recommended use

Activities with low exposure to insects

Benefits - Bye Bites


It is ideal for kids and people that have sensitive skin
Provides up to 4 hours of protection
Nice scent
Moisturizes skin
It gives you an excellent feeling
It is neither greasy nor sticky