After ® - Bye bites - Repelente de insectos

We know that it is hard to prevent everything this is why Bye Bites After is created to give you the ideal relief after an insect bite. Thanks to its ingredients it gives you a fresh feeling that comforts the skin and prevents scars caused by the itching. Thanks to its small size it is extremely precise and easy to carry.

• Reduces the itching and swelling immediately.
• Contains natural extracts from tea tree, aloe Vera and eucalyptus.
• Doesn’t leave stains or residues.
• It can be used by kids and adults.

Use during pregnancy - Bye Bites

Use during pregnancy

Thanks to all of the natural ingredients, Bye bites is ideal to be used during pregnancy

Recommended use - Bye Bites

Recommended use

It will help you relieve any pain or discomfort that comes after a mosquito or insect bite.

Benefits - Bye Bites


It will help you feel better on the affected areas bitten by insects.
Contains natural extracts