Presentation / Commercial information

You can find our products in Casa Ley, Fresko, La Comer, Mega, Chedraui, Farmacias Similares, Sanborns, Farmapronto, Farmatodo, Farmacias Unión, Farmacia San Francisco de Asís, Farmacias Comercio, Farmacia San Pablo, HEB, Soriana Super, Soriana Hiper, Soriana Mercado also independent pharmacies all around national territory.

Our presentations are Active aerosol 170 gr, Active Forte aerosol 80 gr, Natural spray 130 ml, Cream for kids and sensitive skin 75 ml, After Gel 50 ml.

Our prices generally go from $40 to $70 pesos, but it depends of the place where you buy it and the presentation.

Yes, you can check in this site our section where to buy? So you can have more information about the stores and pharmacies that sell our products.

All of our products are effective to repel the mosquito bite, the most important thing is to know how many hours of protection do you need, and choose the repellent that best fits your demands.

Product´s components

They are different actives, its effectiveness is practically the same, and the only difference is that IR3535 is for more sensitive skin.

They are the non-toxic assets that make our repellents effective.

Our Natural Spray presentation is made by natural actives (Citronella, clove, eucalyptus, and it doesn´t contain alcohol).

No, the actives we use doesn´t affect the skin, nevertheless it is important to apply all of our products correctly, and follow the instructions that are mentioned in our products.

No, if you will use a sunscreen, we recommend you to apply the sunscreen first and then the repellent.

The function of the repellents in general is to dissuade mosquitoes by interrupting the ability of the mosquito to detect the protected surface and avoid their bites; DEET is one of the effective assets that helps achieve this action.

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Yes, we recommend the use of other alternatives like IR3535 or natural alternatives such as Citronella, clove and eucalyptus oils.

You must follow the application instructions that appear on the back of each product, it is very important to know the amount of hours of protection provided by each presentation

Precautionary measures and application

Either one of our products can help you prevent a second bite, but it will depend on the amount of hours of protection that you need.

No, if you have had a disease before it won´t affect the effectiveness of our products.

Our repellents are for the whole family, we recommend you use our ointment for kids and sensitive skin in minors older than 6 months and in elderly people who have sensitive skin.

It is a non-toxic product, however if the child swallows the product and starts to have abnormal symptoms you will need to go with your doctor.

No, you only need to follow the application instructions that appear on the back of each product.

Yes, you can expose yourself to the sun and there is no special weather or time for its use, if you will use sunscreen make sure you apply it before our products.

Yes, the use long sleeves shirts and pants, have mosquito nets in doors and windows, and don´t let water stagnate.

It is very important to know the type of aerosols that we are using, there are many kinds from flavorings, to insecticides and repellents it is also very important to know the amount of toxicity of each product before applying it, we highly recommend you to follow the instructions of each product. Remember we also recommend you to place mosquito nets in windows and doors, avoid deposits where water can accumulate and use body repellents frequently. Finally if you would like to fumigate your house, we recommend you consult fumigation companies, they will guide you and give you the information you need.

The same way as adults you need to follow the instructions at the back of the product, for kids we recommend the ointment for kids and sensitive skin.

Yes, it is safe to use DEET during breastfeeding and pregnancy, it is important to follow the instructions of each product.

Virus and illness

Problems can vary, from mild discomforts like itching, burning, swelling to more severe diseases like Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya.

Dengue, zika and chikungunya are diseases transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, most of the symptoms are similar the ones different are: Dengue fever is high, you also get strong muscle pain and sometimes bleeding, it can also cause nausea and vomiting. The Chikungunya presents high fever, intense joint pain especially in hands, feet, knees and back. In the case of Zika virus you can get skin rashes and conjunctivitis (red eyes).

The prevention measurement is to avoid any contact with the Aedes Aegepty mosquito for this we recommend the use of long sleeve shirts and pants, use body insect repellent, use mosquito nets all over the household, and if you want to avoid the mosquito’s reproduction make sure to delete any deposits where water can stagnate.

We recommend you eliminate any deposits where water can stagnate this is one way you can avoid the risk of mosquito larvae, places with more risk are places with heat, humidity, places that are at se level or at low altitude.

The Aedes Aegepty mosquito (Dengue transmitter) transmits diseases by being in direct contact with the skin, and this can happen at any time of the day this is why we recommend the frequent use of body mosquito repellent.